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100s of legal contract templates at your fingertips!

Vetted by lawyers, each of our contract templates packs legal clause-by-clause Q&As and commentary, teaching you the legal fundamentals of what you're drafting and reviewing.

Have a legal question?

Ask our Knowledge Helpdesk and receive detailed lawyer-written responses, directly answering your legal concept questions. 

Looking for a particular document or clause? 

The Knowledge Helpdesk team will source it for you as well!

Expert-crafted negotiation simulation workshops to engage deal teams and students with business law foundational knowledge. 

With 85+ modules in the bank, and an average 8 hours of curriculum per module, trainees simulate years of experiential training into individual, bite-sized modules.

Self-paced, expert-crafted business law training modules for deal makers everywhere. 

Learn the ins and outs of business law contracts with DealPrep Academy's video-based courses, and become a certified dealmaker!

100s of hours of

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We built our platform to help teach traditionally guarded knowledge to those who need it the most.