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An ever growing legal knowledge database to help you demystify the legal jargon in your contracts.

Each of our contracts pack clause-by-clause legal Q&As, commentary, variation language and "Note to Drafter" tips. We've built the most comprehensive founder-focused legal knowledge library available.

Contracts are tough - we know. What better way to learn than by asking questions?

Access pro bono use of our Knowledge Helpdesk - an educational, legal Q&A tool. Ask legal concept questions and request documents of our legal affiliate network, and receive responses within two (2) business days, straight to your inbox.

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We built our platform to help teach traditionally guarded knowledge to innovators.


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100s of draftable legal contract templates at your fingertips.

Crafted by lawyers and templatized for jurisdictional use, our contract library offers a depth of language and variety designed to teach you the legal fundamentals of what you're drafting, reviewing and negotiating.