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Document Library

Read and Learn

Reading legal contracts is like learning a new language.

DealPrep Technologie's Business Law Learning Library hosts a wide range of contract templates, annotated clause-by-clause with 2,500+ educational knowledge materials and counting.

Built with entrepreneurs and small businesses in mind, our knowledge materials are universalconcept-focused and help train better drafters and negotiators.

Ask Questions

Asking questions is an essential step to any effective learning experience - and DealPrep Technologies wants to reinforce this.

Have a question while drafting your documents? Our Knowledge Helpdesk will connect you with our Content Specialists team, who will answer your concept-based questions and direct you to our ever-growing learning materials database. 

Our contract template library has collected and shared more than 2,500 entrepreneur and lawyer questions and answers, from the thousands of active users on our platform!

Knowledge Helpdesk

Close the Deal

Negotiation Training

So your cohorts have learned how to draft and review their agreements - now it's time to close the deal! 

DealPrep Technologies leverages its Business Law Learning Library and the negotiation expertise of our affiliate lawyers to create case study-based negotiation simulation workshops.

Need additional help? Escalate to one of our drafting lawyers to ask specific questions and close that deal!

Hundreds of lawyer-annotated legal contracts and training to help you close more deals.

Enjoy an all access pass to our learning library for just $50/year.

DealPrep Technologies aims to empower, support, and educate our growing network on fundamentals of legal drafting, contract management and deal negotiation.

We support over 4,000 entrepreneurs and over 80 innovation spaces with the tools needed to solidify drafting and negotiation skills, and close more deals.